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People who make and distribute alcohol


We understand why you went in to this business. We know that you are passionate about what you do and well, we love it too. Find out what it's like to work with someone who appreciates your work as much as you do

Responsive Design

Creators of these drinks are so excited and ready to pour themeslves in to their business that their web presense gets over looked, OakBarrel makes sure that you look as good on the web as your business looks in person

It's Time

You've worked hard, you've perfected your beverage. It's time to perfect your web presense with a company that's as serious about your business as you are

How it's done

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Digital and Print Design


Web, Social and Conversion Design


Creating your Edge


How exactly did we become OakBarrel Design

  • 2008

    Our lightbulb moment

    Founder Nick Jubrey realized that he was ready for a change. He wanted to help businesses become just as important online as they are in person. He began a self taught journey while attending college for web development

  • March 2009

    Racing into the future

    As a freelancer Nick Jubrey takes on clients and helps develop their on-line personalites. Pieces of the puzzle fell into place, but it was time to grow. Time to form a company, put processes into place. Organize and develop stradagies to take his clients success and effiecnies to the next level

  • 2010

    W5 Desigs is born

    W5 Web Designs created the foundaation and principals needed to not only become succesful but to make sure our clients had the oppertunitiy to grow, signifagantly from working with us. Almost exclusivly grown on client referals

  • April 2015

    The focus

    A true entrepanuer's mind is never at rest. Nick knew there was something missing in W5 Web Designs. In early 2015 He recognized that there was a specfic need for Brewers, Wineriers and Distilleries to have a online partner. Someone who helps them grow online while they have the freedom to tend to their own business. OakBarrel Design became the focus

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The Crafters

The people behind OakBarrel Design

Nick Jubrey

Founder and Developer of Dreams

Toni Gauthier

Head Designer

Kelly Witowsky

Marketing Coordinator

We help you look as good as the beverage you make

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